Wednesday, January 16, 2013


In case you haven't noticed, I love shopping. If I don't have time to shop at an actual store, then I make time to shop online. For this reason, I love packages! (I mean seriously, who doesn't love getting something in the mail? There's just something about it that makes you feel special.)

On Monday, I had a package arrive from Lululemon. In it were two items that I was impatiently waiting to arrive. 1) My new white running skirt. 2) My new tank & sports bra combo. Let me tell you, they're both amazing!

Let's start with the skirt. I accidentally ordered it in the tall version, but have quickly determined that this mistake was an act of God, saving me from exposed butt cheeks. I guess I had never actually ran in my other running skirts, because when I wore one of my faves to run outside on Sunday, I quickly realized how much the back of the skirt rode up. I have a cute butt, but I don't think that my hubs wants the rest of the world to see it while I'm running. My new Lulu skirt is extra long in the back, but not in a matronly way.

The shirt is great for three reasons:
  1. It isn't tight around the stomach, which means that I don't have to be self-concious about my stomach jiggling while I run.
  2. It comes with a built in bra. Normally, I am not a fan of built in bras, but this one is different because it's an actual bra. It separates away from the shirt and can be worn as a sports bra in itself. Why didn't someone think of that sooner?
  3. It is mint colored, and at this point in time, I love all things mint. (colored & flavored)  

I'm not the only one who got a package this week though. Ella got one too! Her grandma sent her some new BabyGap gear. Here she is rocking her new sweatshirt. I'm pretty jealous of this sweatshirt & wish they'd make it in my size. It's so soft & I'm pretty sure it'd be figure flattering.

Are you a Lululemon person?
I didn't used to be, but a co-worker is an ambassador, so I get free stuff and coupons from her.
What's your favorite thing to get in the mail?
Online shopping purchases are #1, closely followed by new issues of Shape & Women's Health


  1. Love the skirt! Yes- lulu stuff is VERY short, but I do love my speed shorts from there. If clean, I always choose them for a run.

    And, free stuff and coupons from your friend? Sweet hook-up!

  2. If I was getting Lulu coupons, I would totally be into them. I actually am into them, but my wallet isn't.:) The store here does free yoga classes on Sunday nights, which is really cool. And they just came out with some really cool running tights that I feel compelled to go buy. They have cool reflector stripes on the side.

    And a note on those skirts: they rock. My husband took tons of pics of me in one of mine during a marathon, and there was no awkward cheekage showing ever.

    1. I ran in it last night & felt like it was less revealing than my shorts! I also love that it has the silicone in the shorts underneath it to keep it from riding up. It's a definite contender for my upcoming half.


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