Thursday, January 24, 2013

How Is It Thursday Already?

This week is going extremely fast. It is also extremely cold. I try not to complain about the weather, because I live in upstate NY & it's just a reality of life. But when it hits the single digits, I start to whine a little.

seriously? a high of 12?

Ella is a sick little Peanut. She has an awful cold. I can't  imagine being sick and not having the capability to blow my nose. The whole scene makes me very sad, but it isn't bothering her at all. She's a trooper. She'll cough up a lung for 10 seconds then be smiling & talking to me. I seriously have the best baby ever.

happiest sick baby ever...
Since Ella is sick, I cancelled practice last night. I never do that. Ever. My principal emailed me & was concerned that someone had died or was in the hospital - that is how big of a deal this was. I wouldn't have gone through with it if I wasn't confident that my girls are awesome & will rock on Saturday. I really want them to win & have a perfect season. If they don't win, I'll feel personally responsible because I cancelled practice. Let the stressing begin...

I was able to sneak out & get my hair cut last night and it feels SO healthy! I got 3 inches trimmed off the bottom & had my layers put back in. Eric complained about it of course, but that's only because he loves SUPER long hair, regardless of whether it is healthy or not.

I get my hair done at Rock Paper Scissors and absolutely love them! If you live in Rochester - check them out! (Bonus - there is free wine & candy at every visit! Holla!)

Even though I've felt like poop, I've kept my eating in check. I've cut out my morning bagel every day this week and have replaced it with a protein bar and banana. It's about the same calorie wise, but I'm getting far more nutritional value. I've also done really well with my mini-goal of packing lunch every day. I haven't had any take out this week, which not only helps my waist line, it helps my wallet too. (It doesn't hurt that I don't want to step outside either!)
Do you pack your lunch? What are your favorite
things to bring?
I love to bring bananas, pretzels with PB, and turkey wraps.


  1. Having a sick baby is awful ... with teens now they are miserable, but can communicate (i.e. whine)

    Down in the Corning area it has been sub-zero the last couple of mornings, so running has required me to fully gear up. This morning the wind was brutal - thank goodness for Nike 'Therma Fit'! People think I'm nuts :)

  2. Beautiful baby! I hope she is feeling better soon!!

    And, wait?? Free wine and candy at a salon??! I need to find a new stylist ;)


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