Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I don't know about you, but I am ready for 2013! I know that it is going to bring good things to my life & that I am going to accomplish more than ever. I have a ton of goals, but more about that later...

We didn't go out last night (we're old & tired these days), so this morning I got up and headed off to the gym. I was dragging my feet at first and was debating going later on, but I'm glad I didn't because I found out they are closing at 2 today. Does that seem weird to anyone else? I thought the gym would be filled with people that made fresh resolutions & turning their lives around! 

I wore a solid combination of new & old gear for today's workout. The top was a Christmas gift from my mother in law and is from Lululemon. (Please note: this is the only thing I own from Lululemon, too pricey!) My skirt is probably close to four years old & is from Target's C9 line. My favorite part of the outfit is my new Nike Free Sneakers! I designed them using Nike ID & my mom got them for me as a Christmas present. They're incredibly light & I may start wearing them everywhere.

It was insanely quiet at the gym. I'm talking only about 5 other people on the cardio machines. When I commented on this via twitter, my sister & friend Jess were quick to explain the reason to me. 

I did a 40 minute "weight loss" program on the elliptical & read a trashy magazine. I love running, but I can't read while I do it, so cross training days are a treat for me :) 

I resisted the call of Starbucks on my way home & refueled from our kitchen instead. 

Now we're headed off to Cheesecake Factory for lunch! We got a gift card from my sister & we decided to use it during the day so we didn't end up waiting in line for hours on end on a Saturday night. 

Happy New Year! 

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