Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ella Crawled... Well Sort Of

We had some excitement at our house last night - Ella crawled! Well... she sort of did. She had her arms   and legs moving, her head was up, but she wasn't getting any traction. I put my hand down by her foot so she had something to push off of and she did it! Now I just need to vacuum the floor so she can practice... or I could make my husband do it. We'll see who wins that battle. 

Ella trying to crawl on her Christmas present

In that big box above, was Ella's favorite Christmas present. She has been loving her rocking horse, Jed. She immediately impressed me with her ability to ride him. Sometimes I forget how advanced she is! She grabbed right onto the handles & had a HUGE grin on her face. We may have a cowgirl on our hands! 

Ella with Jed on Christmas morning

And just in case you didn't get enough cuteness in this post, here are Sara & Ella in their matching polka dot sweaters from the Gap. Ella just loves to play with Sara at cheer practice. She's really jealous of all her hair though... that's why she's always trying to pull it out. 

Ella & Sara at Cheer Practice 

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  1. That last pic is very cute, and it's great that she's starting to crawl!


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