Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crunch Time

The week leading up to our first competition is always stressful & chaotic. This week has been no exception. I've been getting home at 6:30, feeding Ella, and making dinner. I have had zero time to get to the gym. I feel super guilty about it. I know I should be there right now, but I plan to pass out in 45 minutes tops.

The Plan:
I knew this week would be bad, so I front loaded during the weekend. I know that I can maintain my weight by tracking my calories & eating well. I am still doing my ab, arm, & leg exercises at home. I know that next week will be better, so I'll hit it hard starting on Sunday. Until then, I'm going to focus on spending my one spare hour a day cuddling with this cutie.

1 comment :

  1. My two boys are in high school now (freshman & sophomore), and while I can't recall exactly how my weight or workout fluctuated on a week-to-week or even year-to-year basis when they were little ... I DO remember that I was there reading stories, having playtime, and giving tubs and saying goodnight every night in spite of a demanding job and hour+ commute.

    Just as now I treasure the times I get with my wife and the boys together or individually ... it is all about maintaining focus on what is most important.

    My runs are very early (up at 4AM), so it doesn't really impact anyone else, which is worth it for me as I get breakfast with the boys before the bus and coffee with my wife (of almost 21 years now!).


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