Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Changes in My Practice Plan

This week we're gearing up for another competition on Saturday. We're competing against our rival & you'd think that things would be intense. Surprise, they're not. Things were actually goofier than normal at yesterday's practice.

Ella was really stressed that the stunts were falling, but I know that Mondays are always a mess, so I wasn't.

At some point, the girls decided that the reason Ella hasn't crawled yet is because we haven't been modeling it for her. So, Jill jumped down on the ground and showed her how it was done. When that didn't work, they decided she needed some incentive. So, they decided to entice her with Mortimer the Moose. This did work, but she only got about 2 inches before she got mad at them. They love her, so they decided to just give her the moose.

After this 15 minute distraction, Ella fell asleep & we finally got back to work! So, if we get 2nd place on Saturday, we know who to blame!

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