Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back to the Grind

I'm not going to lie... I've been dreading going back to school. I love my job & the kids I teach, but I've really enjoyed being at home with Ella over my Christmas break. We can't afford it, but I would love to be able to stay at home with her.

Ella was a crank when we left for school this morning. It was still dark on our way & I couldn't figure out why she was crying, she's normally happy as a clam in the morning. Well, it turns out her hat had fallen down over her eyes & she couldn't see! Poor thing!

Once I convinced Ella to let go of my finger, I left daycare & headed to school. My room was nice & cozy warm - so I settled in and got a solid 30 minutes of work done before I started teaching. It was at the end of those thirty minutes that my iced tea was already gone! WTF! I normally make it last until at least 11:30! I refilled with water & had to suck it up until my lunch break.

Luckily, my girls in the counseling office e-mailed me that they were making a TimHo's run! {If you don't know what Tim Ho's is, it stands for Tim Hortons & it's like Dunkin only cheaper. It's a Canadian & upstate NY thing because Tim Horton was a hockey player for the Buffalo Sabres.} So I got another 32 oz. of caffeine to keep me going! Praise Jesus!

After school, I picked Ella up & we headed to cheer practice. I gave the girls the entire Christmas break off. I was mentally preparing myself for them to have forgotten the whole routine over the past week and a half, but they surprised me and we actually got a lot done! We compete a week from Satuday and I will be praying A LOT over the course of the next week that everything comes together.

  at competition last season ~ I love trophies! 

I planned today as a rest day, because I knew I'd be exhausted from getting back into our routine. Eric made pasta for dinner, so I had a small bowl of that & finished off my meal with a Skinny Cow PB Chocolate ice cream sandwich. If you haven't tried Skinny Cow, do it! They're delish! (& only 130 calories)

Did anyone else go back to work today? 
Any other Skinny Cow lovers?

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