Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Victory & A Mini Road Trip

I woke up early Saturday morning to get ready & head to school to meet the bus. We were performing at 9:06 & needed to get there, check in, & relax. Thankfully all of the girls were on time & things went smoothly. They performed an almost flawless routine & we walked away with another first place trophy!

Ella didn't sleep well on Friday night & once she woke up we found out why. HER FIRST TOOTH CAME IN! She's totally obsessed with it & can't stop playing with it with her tongue.

Competition was over by noon & my parents had come to watch, so we headed off to lunch. We settled on Red Robin because I wanted a burger & my dad "needed" a beer. (Cheer competitions have that effect on him.) My parents feel that setting Ella down is a ridiculous notion. So instead of enjoying her chicken sandwich, my mom wrestled with Ella while eating. It was very funny to watch & the tables around us enjoyed the entertainment.

Since Eric decided to go visit friends for the night, I decided to go with my sister to our parents house for the night. It's about an hour & a half drive, so once we got everything loaded, we made a beeline for Starbucks. It was a really nice drive & I got to chat with my sister about our upcoming trip to Lake Placid and hear about her new job.

Once we got to my parents, we immediately piled into the minivan with them because my whole family was convening for pizza & wings at my grandma's house. Ella loves it when we all get together because she is held non-stop. I love these get togethers because wine & dessert are usually involved. I had a chocolate frosted brownie with walnuts - yum!

What do you drink on road trips?

What's the most delicious thing you've eaten this weekend?


  1. oh that brownie!!

    I could look at pictures of Ella ALL day. What a BEAUTIFUL little baby!
    Hmm most delicious thing I've eaten this weekend was chocolate cheesecake - dooouble chocolate!

  2. Ella is SUCH a sweetie!! Sounds like a very fun (and winning) weekend. Hmm, the best thing I ate all weekend has to be the Chinese food we had Friday night. We have the best Chinese restaurant ever in the next town over.


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