Monday, January 28, 2013

A Winning Weekend

I had an fantastic weekend! It was filled with people that I love & food that I love to eat - such a perfect combination!

On Friday night, my Aunt Babs came to stay at our house. She brought all of the supplies for chicken fajitas with her & we had a Mexican feast! She brought these chips with her & they are amazing! You put them into the oven for 5 minutes & they come out tasting just like the ones you'd get at Chili's. We had them with queso & I probably ate half the bag myself.

Babs also brought my favorite dessert - WEGMAN'S CARROT CAKE! They make these in miniversions, so it wasn't a whole cake. It was just the perfect size to have a slice on Friday night. In case you didn't know, cream cheese frosting is the way to my heart.

I spent the day at competition on Saturday & when I finally got home, I went out to dinner with my parents. We went to The Distillery, which is my favorite restaurant. We had originally tried to go to Texas Roadhouse, but it's a new restaurant in town and had an hour and a half wait - NO WAY. Ella discovered her new passion in life - celery. She is obsessed with it. 

On Sunday morning, I went out to breakfast with my parents at a local diner. I had an awesome ham & cheese omlette that kept me full long into the afternoon. We spent the rest of the day at home hanging out. I finished reading The Heavy on my iPad & drank copious amounts of unsweetened iced tea.

Ella chose to hang out on the couch with her homies... chillin' with her hood up gangster style.
Later that night, we all snuggled up on the couch & watched 60 Minutes, because we like to seem smart. At one point I heard Eric say to Ella, "Shhhh Daddy has to watch this so he won't seem stupid when people are talking about things other than baby toys at work." He's so right. I feel out of the loop A LOT these days because I'm so caught up in our day to day world. Thank God for 60 Minutes and the People app!
She really loves her daddy!
What did you eat this weekend?

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  1. YUM to the Wegman's Carrot Cake!

    I had amazing grilled sausages on Friday night along with a tasty salad. Then on Saturday we went out to brunch and they had homemade granola bars (like a pre-dinner loaf of bread!). Oh yeah, and we had Chinese for dinner. Nothing as exciting as your carrot cake, but a pretty good weekend of eating for me too. haha.


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