Monday, December 31, 2012

Highlights of 2012

(Please note that these are in chronological order, not order of importance.)

1. Announcing That I Was Pregnant

We announced that I was pregnant to our best friends on New Year's Eve last year. This wasn't the original plan, but Eric was hammered & blurted it out. Everyone was suspicious already though, so I was happy to have it out in the open! I am NOT a good secret keeper!

2. Trip to Vegas

Eric & I went on a combo honeymoon/babymoon to VEGAS! Best time ever!

3. Baby Showers Galore

I had many amazing baby showers, thrown by people who love Eric & I. We were truly blessed with amazing people in our lives! For the millionth time, THANK YOU!

with three of my bridesmaids at one of my showers - love them!

4. The Arrival of Ella

Ella arrived on July 29, 2012! I'm actively trying to forget the details, I choose to remember the best part - holding her in my arms. She was TINY so she stayed in the hospital for a bit, nut it was worth it because she's perfect.

5. Return to Coaching

I am a cheerleading coach & it's kind of my passion. You can tell me it isn't a sport, but I'll ignore you. I win big, shiny trophies & my team kicks ass. I was beyond happy to get back to coaching with Ella in tow. (She's the best assistant coach ever.)

6. Trip to Myrtle Beach

This was Ella's first vacation! We went with my parents, my sister & her boyfriend, and my Aunt Babs. The weather was fabulous & everyone got to spend time with the baby. It was exactly what I wanted - sun, sand, & southern food!

7. My First 5K

I ran my first 5K on October 6th. I've walked plenty of 5Ks, but this was a big deal for me. It was pouring down rain, but I finished in under 30 minutes!

8. Ella's First Halloween

She was too stinkin' cute!

9. Ella's First Holiday Season

Ella rocked the holidays! She knows how to party & had people smiling from Thanksgiving to New Year's!

10. Hitting My Pre-Pregnancy Weight!

I wasn't sure if I'd pull this one off, but I did & I have to say it... I LOOK GOOD!

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