Saturday, April 25, 2015

Last Time Around...

I had a moment earlier this week that made me extremely grateful I have been documenting this pregnancy weekly on the blog. Even if no one else reads it, I'll be able to go back to it & remember the timeline of events, how I was feeling, and the major milestones as they occurred. I didn't do that with Ella - I didn't have my blog at the time & barely posted anything on FaceBook or Instagram. The updates that are there are few and far between, with practically no detail. So, I found myself scrolling through my Outlook calendar on Tuesday afternoon trying to figure out how far along I was in certain pictures so that I could compare. 

Thankfully this wasn't too time consuming, as apparently, I took all of 5 photos the entire time I was pregnant with Ella. That, or I've done a phenomenally good job of destroying them all since. Either way, I can't find more than five. I think that says a lot about my self-confidence at the time. I knew I wasn't being healthy & I must not have been thrilled with how I looked. Or maybe I just wasn't as self-absorbed back then... 

But anyways, I was looking for a photo of myself at 27 or 28 weeks for comparison purposes & actually found this one... 

It's of Eric & I at the Diaper Party our friends threw us when I was 27 weeks along. It was also the same day of my first baby shower & I remember being really tired but wanting to be there to say thank you to everyone. {And those shorts... yeah, I still have them & tried to put them on to see if they fit. They fall off right now. }

For comparison purposes, this is Eric & I at our nephew's birthday party last weekend, when I just happened to be 27 weeks. I can't tell a huge difference in my stomach because I was wearing a loose cardigan in both pictures, but as far as my thighs & face. Well, I felt pretty good about myself. The picture validated the fact that I'm making the right choices this time around & that it's paying off. 

At 31 weeks, I had my maternity photos done. My wedding photographer was looking for someone to help her out & I agreed to do it with her in the same park we had our engagement photos done. I actually love these photos because they capture just how happy I was. But when I've been looking back at them, I thought they were taken at like 34 weeks right before I had Ella. Nope - 31 weeks. And let's not even talk about the belt.... I have no idea. 

And then there's this gem from 32 weeks pregnant, with my sister at my Bliss family baby shower. Oh wow... that's all I have to say is wow. The dress is awkwardly short. The belt, apparently I really liked that belt, but OMG - why did my sister let me wear that? 

Ok, this is a big rambling mess. But after all my "detective work," I wanted to document just a little bit of the timeline for myself. It was a lesson learned in nutrition with a fairy tale ending... 

Friday, April 24, 2015

An Unexpected Day at Home

I'm unexpectedly blogging from home this morning. Ella wasn't able to go to daycare today & Eric had meetings, making working from home a non-option for him, so mommy ended up with a three day weekend! Can't say that I can complain... except sub plans are always a beast & I'll definitely have to work on reports while Ella naps this afternoon. At least all of this can be accomplished in sweats, which is a huge bonus at 27 weeks pregnant! 

I hadn't realized how run down we were until Ella slept in until 7:15 - which never happens - and I slept until 7 myself - which is rare these days. So, I think today is a gift from God, telling us we needed to slow down & get rested back up. I had originally thought we'd run out to Target this morning & get a few things done, but Ella asked me if we could "just play," and I couldn't say no to her sweet little face. Also, I discovered that it's snowing. In April. So I'll be inside avoiding that like the plague. 

So if you need us today, we'll be at home, in the living room, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & "just playing" together. What more of a perfect start to the weekend could I ask for? 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

size of the baby: Rutabaga  (1.5 to 2.5 lbs.) 

total weight gain: 17.5 lbs - I was expecting another "growth spurt" after a weekend away

gender: Baby Girl - Miss Olivia Rose 

maternity clothes: I finally found maternity jeans that I love from Old Navy! They're a little distressed, cropped to the perfect length for sandals & have just the right amount of stretch. I'm really hoping that they'll last the rest of my pregnancy because they're perfection. I also got a pair of distressed boyfriend shorts from Old Navy - I had Super Cash to burn! - and I loved them when I tried them on too. {I sized up in these because I hate having shorts that cling to my thighs.} I just need it to be warmer than 50 degrees again so I can test them out...

movement: Tons! Olivia is a maniac! People are starting to ask if they can feel her, which weirds me out at times, but I generally let them. 

missing: The ease of bending over. Don't take it for granted people. I literally grunt every time I have to bend over to pick something up... so embarrassing! So far Eric is the only one who has said anything about it, but my co-workers are bound to notice soon enough! 

craving: Salads. Big salads with a ton of meat and cheese. I know there are far worse things to crave, so I'm rolling with it. 

exercise: I'm still on a roll with my steps & it feels good to move. I'm adding squats, calf raises & a few other moves into my daily routine because I think my booty is sagging. Eric says it's all in my head, and it could be, but they don't both me, so I figure it won't hurt! 

symptoms: Still a lot of heartburn & I'm starting to get tired again. I remember the third trimester being the hardest for me last time around, so I'm trying to mentally prepare for it. 

Ella: is playing with lots of baby dolls in preparation for Olivia's arrival! 

looking forward to: pulling out all of Ella's old baby clothes & sorting through them! It's my main goal for the weekend to have it all sorted out & washed so that I can have her dresser fully stocked up! 

best moments: 
  • We went to my nephew Finn's Birthday Party last weekend & it was so nice to watch Ella spend time with her cousins playing. We don't see Finn very often either, so I took every cuddle I could get! 
  • Spending time with my mom & doing a little shopping. It's things like that that make me feel most "normal," so I'm trying to keep them up as long as possible. 

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