Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I Wore for The Bills Game

This past Sunday, I went to the Buffalo Bills game versus the Miami Dolphins with my husband & a bunch of our college friends. As you all know, I've been super busy, so my outfit wasn't exactly on the top of my priority list, but as the day got closer I realized that I hadn't bought any new Bills apparel in a long time. Thus, the search began... and it was a little harder than expected! I was limited to what I could buy in store locally, so I ended up purchasing this long sleeve tee from the Boys Department at Old Navy - and I loved it! The boys XL fits great & it was super soft. Best part - only $16! And... they had one in the Toddle Boys department too, so I snagged one for Ella! {sorry: can't find links to either of our Bills shirts online at}

Ugg Slippers // J.Crew Socks // Old Navy Jeans // Old Navy Long Sleeved Tee // Loft Sunnies

Once I got to the game, I started seeing SO MUCH cute stuff on woman everywhere! So I decided to do some shopping after the game & I purchased this hoodie. I've worn it twice already & am in love. I already own these sweatpants too, so they go perfectly together. I could've bought the entire Bills Store! But even with our 25% off season ticket holder's discount, Eric wouldn't let me... but these are the items I have on my list for my next Bills game appearance! 

Go Bills! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Right Now...

Right now...

  • I just finished ordering fall candles from Bath & Body Works! They're 2 for $22, but then every candle after that is only $11 too. So I stocked up. My absolute favorite scent for fall is Harvest Apple, but I'm really excited to burn the Pumpkin Spice Doughnot too. #iheartdonuts Fun fact - Eric loves candles more than I do, so I'm passing this off as a present for him. 
  • I'm listening to classical piano on Pandora in an attempt to calm my nerves. It's only Tuesday & this week has already been one thing after another... 
  • I'm wishing I was back at The Ralph tailgating. Seriously, it was the most relaxed I've been since I returned from vacation in August. I really need my Sundays off. And I prefer to have my Sundays off with sunshine, friends, and a Bills win. 

  • I should be finishing lesson plans, but I missed you guys... 
  • I'm pretty pumped that I won a giveaway from Simply Clarke. Who doesn't love to win things? 
  • I'm worrying about Ella, she has an ear infection & I ended up at home with her on Friday. She snuggled in her new favorite pajamas & watched Disney Junior. It seemed to do the trick, but we kept her home again yesterday to rest with her daddy, so today is her first day back at Miss Jennie's after a four day weekend. Finger's crossed that she behaves herself. 
with my little pumpkin before we left the house this am...
she's in head to toe Gymboree
  • I'm debating which Halloween costume to order for Ella... would you go with the donut or the kitten? I love them both & should probably order soon. Help!  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our {Rushed} Bedtime Routine...

** This is a sponsored blog post. I received compensation from Gymboree. The opinions and text are all mine.**

Now that I'm coaching two teams, our time at home is even more precious. I usually get home from practice around 7:30 - still needing to eat dinner & take care of any household tasks that have come up. That doesn't even begin to mention grading & schoolwork...  

Despite all the chaos, Eric & I have decided that Ella's bedtime routine is going to remain a priority. This is our current routine: 

7:30 - Mommy walks in & scarfs down whatever Daddy has made for dinner, while Ella works hard to steal bites, even though she has already ate her own dinner. 

7:45 - Tub Time! 

Eric handles the tub. He's way better at washing her hair, so while he does that, I get everything laid out for after - towel, PJs, lotion, diaper, etc. It makes getting her out of the tub a lot easier if we can move fast afterwards. 

8:00 - Pajamas 
find Ella's PJs here

Currently, we're in love with these pajamas from the Eric Carle Collection from Gymboree! They're so much fun & bring back so many memories of my own childhood. Not to mention the fact that they're incredibly soft! As a teacher, I love anything that connects learning with everyday life & I will definitely be buying a pair for my niece & nephew... and maybe even another pair for Ella! 

8:15 - Story Time 

We read Ella two to three books before bed every night. Right now, she's obsessed with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Very Busy Spider, and Barnyard Dance. It's always changing though, we just went through a serious Brown Bear, Brown Bear phase just awhile ago. 

8:30 - Lights Out

with her Very Hungry Caterpillar neck pillow
Yes, I know some of you will think that 8:30 is way too late to put our daughter to bed. Sorry. I'm selfish & want to spend an hour at home with her. Deal with it. She gets 9 to 10 hours of sleep at night, plus a 2 to 3 hour nap during the day... she's doing just fine. 

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