Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tis the Season for Family Pictures...

One of my favorite parts of fall is getting our pictures done for our family Christmas card! Judging by my IG feed, I'm not the only one who gets excited about this either. Tons of families have been putting on their coordinating outfits & headed into a field for a Pinterest worthy family photo. This year, I've decided to go with a navy, red, and white color scheme. This may be our last family photo of just the three of us, so I want to make it a keeper! 

I'll probably be making some tweaks to our outfits between now & Sunday morning. I have an awesome red hat from the Gap for Ella, that I can't find online for some reason. I will probably have a scarf on in some pictures as well, maybe even my navy vest too. It is probably going to be chilly, so Ella & I are both wearing knit tights as well! I hope this provides you with a little festive inspiration! I'm looking forward to seeing all of these new holiday pics soon! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Zoo Boo 2014

This weekend was a fall extravaganza at our house! I'm going to break it into chunks, because I think the post would take an hour to load if I did it all at once... so let's start with Zoo Boo! 

My parents arrived on Saturday morning, and since we had glorious weather in the mid-60's, we decided to head to the zoo for Zoo Boo. This was our first time going, it rained on the day we tried to go last year, and Ella was so excited! 

We live within walking distance of the zoo, so we loaded up the wagon & were off! I had been very nervous that Ella wouldn't want to put on her costume, but I think she was in the mood to show off, which meant some seriously cute photos. 

My sister was in a wedding the night before, but didn't want to miss out, so she powered through Zoo Boo on 4 hours of sleep. #trooper 

Her little tail sticking out the wagon was just too stinkin cute... 

We ran into Ella's boyfriend Keith! He was supposed to be a gorilla, but he hated his costume. Luckily, his mom managed to wrangle him into a Woody costume instead! 

And by the end of it all, she needed a cat nap... 

Does your zoo have a trick or treating event? I feel like my IG & FB were full of them this weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

Tomorrow is the day people - Sectionals! It makes my stomach hurt to think about the fact that my whole season will be remembered by this one day, one performance, two minutes & thirty seconds. Crazy. I'm certainly ready for a break - albeit, not a very long one - but this kind of ending is scary. So much pressure. Only one shot. I need to stop thinking about it... 


1 - This Picture 

My dad sent me this picture on Thursday morning & I can't get enough of it! This is my 3rd birthday party (dad had told me 2nd, but mom is insisting it's my 3rd) and it's basically the 80's version of Pinterest! My Grandma Ellen is in the picture with me & that just makes me so happy. She's been gone 10 years now, but I can still feel her with me all of the time. Knowing that she was there with us in spirit as I cut Ella's Elmo cake in July sent me into an ugly cry on my way to work, but it was good. I was crying because I know how much she'd love her namesake & how proud she'd be of all that I've accomplished. It was a real good Throwback Thursday. 

2 - This Picture Too

She has been a real two year old lately - full of it & stubborn as can be - but this picture just melted my heart. She has her daddy's baby blues... 

3 - This Post 

Yes, this post is haunting me. I'm still trying to decide what I should actually purchase from my Gap cart! I want it all! I'm going to have to venture to a store to make my decisions though. I need to touch everything before I actually buy! 

4 - This Jacket

I'm absolutely obsessed with this Chateau Parka from J.Crew. Problem - it's way out of my price range - even on sale. So, if you see one that looks exactly like it, be sure to let me know! 

5 - My Scale 

I have some monumental news to share. {drum roll please} For the first time in my seven years of coaching, I did not gain a single pound this season. I have stayed at a sensible 127 lbs since returning from the beach & have barely moved from it. That's willpower people because I haven't had time to exercise & I have certainly wanted to stress eat - but I haven't. Well, I have, but when I have I've gotten right back to business. I can't wait to return to the gym next week & not have to start all over with the scale. I can focus on my strength & endurance instead, which I'm sure I'll need to get me through the next season :) 


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