Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Hi Everyone! I'm officially on Thanksigiving Break & headed for our homeland! Today I plan to help my mother in law prepare for her dinner, and then tonight we'll head for the country house to see my parents. I can't wait to see my family & disconnect for a bit! I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

What're we eating this week...

baked macroni and cheese

Lately we've been loving Skillet Macaroni & Cheese! I found the recipe on Pinterest & it is so good. I definitely recommend it for a cold & snowy day! Plus, it's quick & easy enough for a week night. 

What I'm reminiscing about...

Gearing up for the holidays always has my TimeHop aflutter! I love looking at these pictures of my girls as babes in their holiday gear! 

Baby Livy in her Santa hat
Our Trip to the North Pole to meet Santa
... and the cutest little dancing reindeer! 

What I'm loving... 

I am loving all the holiday apparel options this year! Everyone seems extra festive & I'm loving it! I've had to stop myself from buying everything in sight, but I think that's a good problem to have! 

If you need a few options, check out my post from Friday

What we've been up to...

It has been a really busy month of report cards, parent conferences, cheer tryouts, and traveling. Things just finally slowed down & this past weekend we decorated our house for the holidays...

And on Monday afternoon, I volunteered in Ella's classroom for Thanksgiving centers! 

I worked the puppet center & had so much fun meeting all of her friends. 

Then yesterday, the cutest little celebration went down. Ella's class celebrated the 50th day of school by having 50's Day! Her whole class dressed up & they had a sock hop! 

Ella & Keith in their 50's Outfits!
What I'm dreading...

I can't really think of anything I'm dreading. I'm through the busiest part of the year & into the most wonderful time of the year! 

What I'm working on...

I am the Show Choir advisor for my elementary school, so I am currently hard at work choreography 10 third graders for their performance in the Christmas Concert. We're performing Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and Let It Snow. They're an extremely enthusiastic group, so I really enjoy working with them! 

What I'm excited about...

This basically sums up how I feel about the entire month of December! I just love Christmas!

What I'm reading...

I already shared that I read Class Mom and Christmas at the Grand Hotel in my Veteran's Day weekend recap. Since then, I've read Springtime at the Grand Hotel and Christmas at the Inn on Main Street. And I just started the Elin Hilderbrand Winter series this weekend too. 

What I'm listening to...

Image result for taylor swift reputation tour

I have been listening to Taylor Swift's new album - Reputation - on repeat this month! I am so in love with it. That shouldn't come as a surprise though, because you can find me listening to all of my Taylor Swift albums on shuffle on a regular basis anyways. 

Image result for michael buble christmas album

We're also listening to Michael Buble Christmas on Pandora - which is my favorite Christmas station to play! 

What I'm wearing...

sweater // jeans // mules // coat
I am all about layers right now. Most days you'll find me with a long sleeved tee, under a cozy sweater. I am also totally obsessed with my fur lined mules! These ones from Target were only $25 & definitely worth the money! And it wouldn't be winter if I wasn't busing out my favorite coat
What I'm doing this weekend...

My mom, sister, aunt & I always go shopping on Black Friday and then bake Christmas cookies on Saturday. I'm looking forward to spending time with my family & making some tasty treats all together. 

What I'm looking forward to next month...

December is my favorite month of the year! I'm looking forward to holiday concerts, decked halls, and holiday parties. This year, we have three full family celebrations to look forward to, including a whole week in Virginia! Plus... this girls is turning one! 

My sister is throwing Madigan a unicorn themed 1st birthday party this month too!

Bonus - Have any ideas for Elf on the Shelf? 

This year, I bought an adorable "Santa Cam" ornament from I had it personalized & Sprinkles - our Elf - will be delivering it upon her arrival. (Here is a similar one available on Amazon!) Now, I typically start Elf on the Shelf the day after Thanksgiving. However, it's a really long stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas this year! So... I'm planning to have our Elf arrive on December 1st. I feel like I can string together 25 days, but probably not 30. I will definitely be looking through these posts to get some new ideas! 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weekend Recap - Let's Deck the Halls

I just need to make it through today & then I'll be on Thanksgiving Break! Despite this week only being two days long, it has been a crazy one. Yesterday I had my annual observation, volunteering in Ella's classroom, parent teacher conferences & our cheer parent meeting. So, I got home around 8:30  and fell into bed! Today, Eric had an early flight into New York for a day trip, which meant that I had to get Ella on the bus, drop Livy off, and arrive at work late. And did I mention I'm hosting a feast in my classroom at lunch today? I may have bit off more than I can chew this week... #thanksgivinghumor 

Anyways... we had a really fantastic weekend & I just had to share it with you all! This weekend was amazing because we had no "real" plans that required us to be anywhere at a certain time, be showered or dressed in matching clothes. Those weekends are extremely rare in our world, so we embraced this one. 

We got right up Saturday morning, scarfed down some waffles, then got down to business decorating. Putting up the tree always takes the longest, so that's what we started with. The girls were just about bursting with excitement when we were finally ready to decorate it and put Santa on his perch at the top! 

Once the tree was finished, we moved onto the rest of the house, which included lots of garland. Ella helped me string the garland on the staircase & decorate it with tiny star ornaments. It's been her job for the past two years & she takes it very seriously. 

And then they found my stash of holiday accessories! 

By the time we "finished" decorating it was 1 PM & time for naps. While the girls napped, I cleaned up & took a shower, which let us leave for Target when they woke up. We had more garland & supplies to buy! 

And we finished up our Saturday with dinner with a high school friend that was in town. I have zero pictures of our evening because my phone was tucked away & I was thoroughly enjoying myself :) #sometimesyouhavetounplug 

Sunday morning started with bagels :) 

And then Ella & I headed out to do some errands. We ended up back at Target because today is 50's Day in Ella's classroom to celebrate the 50th Day of school. That means she needs to dress the part & I needed supplies. I don't do well on short notice, but we pulled it together. Ella was so funny, she kept telling me that I should just check to see if we had something in the attic. We don't have an attic. 

We ran to Marshal's too & I snapped this picture because her outfit was just cracking me up! I try to let her dress herself on the weekends & this was definitely one of her more creative looks! She's proud as a peacock though1 

When we got home, I sat down to paint my nails & my mini-me needed in on the action too. Which meant that Livy wanted in too & pretty soon my dining room was a full on spa. 

That evening Eric had the girls take this picture so he could send it to his mom. Two things I love - my girls & my Christmas decorations! 

We finished off the weekend with baths, PJs & Elmo Saves Christmas! Now we're all rested up for some Thanksgiving fun with our family this week! 
Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Favorites - Holiday Gear

Hello Friends! Happy Friday! I'm extra jolly today because we are putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend! I just love decorating for the holidays & after a long week of report cards, parent conferences & other chaos, it's just what the doctor ordered! 

Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite holiday apparel for the season. I've been ordering all sorts of fun items lately and can't wait to wear them all! 

1 // I ordered this #squadgoals t-shirt for Ella & myself all the way back in September and she's been dying to wear them ever since they came in. We are huge Elf fans, so the fact that Buddy is included makes my heart happy. 

2 // OK, so the model is a guy in this photo, but I love this unisex sweatshirt and it's super cheap! Less than $15 with Amazon Prime! There are tons of different patterns available too, so I think I'll be ordering one for Eric too! 

3 // I was flipping through the Nordstrom Holiday Catalog the other night & saw this sweatshirt. I think it's totally adorable with all of the reindeer on it! 

4 // I have ordered modal sleep shorts from Gap for years & love them. But I have to say, I love these joggers even more! Not only are they festive, they're butter soft! I love love love lounging around in them & know they're going to get tons of use all season long!

5 //  This Merry & Bright tee is adorable! My sister has a tee almost exactly like this for the 4th of July that I love, so when I saw it in this Christmas style, I pounced on it!

6 //  I purchased this t-shirt at Target while in Virginia & it's so soft! You could totally wear it as a t-shirt with jeans or leggings, but it's soft enough to wear as pajamas too. 

7 // Last up, another sweatshirt that I just love! Let's be honest, Santa is even cooler with shades. 

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