Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends! It has been a very long short week here at school. Lots of meetings & after school events - including Senior Night tonight. I will likely be a sobbing mess saying goodbye to girls I've coached since they were in 6th grade. But I have so much to look forward to as well because my parents are coming to town! This is the longest we've ever gone without seeing them, so I'm super excited for a day out with my mom tomorrow! 

Today I'm linking up with Andrea to share my Friday Favorites! Enjoy! 

First up, I just can't say enough good things about the new lines that Target has developed! I was really nervous when I read about the shake up, but I really think it's been a positive. Cat & Jack is a HUGE staple in both of the girls' closets & how cute are these boots that I found for them? 

They're like sneakers & boots at the same time! Perfect for New York weather! I'm also totally obsessed with Pillowfort & am using that line in Ella's upcoming big girl bedroom makeover!

My next favorite of the week is the Scholastic Book Fair! I am a huge reader & always have been. I remember how excited I used to get when the book fair came to town - especially because I lived in the middle of nowhere so Barnes & Noble wasn't really an option. Now that I'm a teacher, it's so much fun to see my students get excited too. My favorite book from the book fair...

Thelma the Unicorn - hands down the cutest little story I've read since Uni the Unicorn. And yes, we have a thing for unicorns at our house. But both books are adorable stories about owning who you are & not making any apologies for it. I think that's a lesson little girls need to hear over & over again.  

Wednesdays are always a favorite of mine because they are my "night off" from cheer. I get to pick up Ella from school & take her to dance class. Seeing her in her tutu & tap shoes is always one of my favorites! 

On Monday, Ella broke her new glasses & I was not very happy. So, Eric took them in to see if they could be fixed & #hallelujah - they were  still under warranty! So coming home Thursday night & seeing her little face back in her big girl glasses was a favorite of mine! 

And if the new glasses weren't exciting enough last night, our September book order arrived too! We spent some time snuggled up on the couch together reading, which was exactly what my mama heart needed! I just love watching Ella identify her sight words as we read & listening to Livy try to copy her! 

Have a Happy Friday Everyone! 

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Our Trip to Waco

Over the summer, Eric & I took a much needed solo trip to Dallas, Texas to visit one of our best friends. I should start by telling you that I am officially in love with Dallas & plan to visit there a hundred more times, but today's post is about the one thing people can't stop asking me about my trip - "How was Waco?" My simple answer - "Amazing." I was just absolutely blown away by the charm of the Silos.

 We went to Waco on a Monday in August & it was not crowded at all. I've heard that it is a mob scene on weekends, so we purposefully went on a Monday. We were able to park close to the Silos & immediately walked right up to take this picture! It was just like Disney, they had a sweet employee standing there to take your picture & welcome you :) 

First, we took some time to wander the grounds & take it all in. I was SO excited & absolutely loved all of the detail that went into creating the Silos. The plants are absolutely gorgeous & there are so many well-planned seating areas surrounding the lawn. We didn't eat at the food trucks because we'd had a late breakfast on the way, but everything smelled wonderful. 

Our next stop was Magnolia Market, which was everything I expected it to be. I wanted to buy it all, but since we were flying, I had to limit myself to a t-shirt... as well as a t-shirt for my mom, my sister, and my mother-in-law - because they were all living vicariously through my visit. If you do want to buy something large, they have a FedEx shipping station available to you right in the store, which I thought was rather brilliant. I got a 20% off coupon code to shop online with when I made my purchase though, so you could definitely order what you want & have it shipped home that way too. 

We spent about another hour lounging on the lawn, playing yard games like corn hole & Yardzee, and relaxing in amazingly comfortable bean bag chairs before we headed to my favorite spot of all... the bakery! 

I will start off by telling you that the bakery is tiny. They must have done some serious camerawork while filming that episode because even though it is beautiful, it is not spacious. For that reason, you wait in a queue outside and they let people in a few at a time. For that reason, you get a little card to fill out when you go in, which keeps things moving quickly. 

We ordered four cupcakes to try - The Shiplap, The Classic, The Silobration, and a Peaches 'n Cream. My favorite was The Classic, which is what I'm eating (for lunch) in the picture below. I honestly wasn't expecting to be blown away by the cupcakes, but I have to say they were REALLY good. They reminded me a lot of Sprinkles cupcakes, which I'm a big fan of as well. 

We left The Silos around noon & ventured off to explore some other boutiques. I absolutely LOVED The Foundry. It was a wonderful cross between Pottery Barn & Anthropologie. Living in Waco would truly be a designers dream. The Foundry is within walking distance of The Silos, but other than that we didn't feel like there was a lot else we could have walked to. There is a little trolley that you can take around the city, but we decided to drive ourselves. Waco was very easy to navigate & not at all crowded on a Monday afternoon. I will warn you though, there were some places that I'd see & want to go in, but they were closed on Mondays, so do your research :) Our friend that we were visiting also would like me to let you know that The Silos are closed on Sundays, which he learned the hard way when he tried to take his mom to visit. 

Our final stop in the city was Spice Village. The best way I can describe this shop is browsing Etsy in person. There are such adorable, eclectic pieces in home goods, clothing, toys, and other odds and ends. We spent over an hour just browsing & Eric really enjoyed it there too. Definitely a spot I'd recommend if you're in Waco. 

If we had actually stayed in Waco & hadn't been driving back to Dallas that same day, we probably would have gone to Harp & Co, as well as to the Magnolia House. I've also heard that you can do an unofficial driving tour of Fixer Upper houses, but I think I'd feel just a little creepy rolling up to a house someone actually lives in! 

So that's my little day in Waco! Such a fun item to check off my bucket list, especially now that I know Fixer Upper is coming to an end. I'm so glad I made the trip. 
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Consignment 101

I have been consigning my clothes, along with my kids' clothes - for over 5 years now. Bags & bags of clothing have resulted in cleaner closets & a whole lot of extra spending cash.

If you don't know what consignment means, it's basically like selling something on E-Bay, except you drop the stuff off at a store & receive cash on the spot. I've been doing this for over 5 years now, and it's a great way to clean out your closet & get the cash to restock it at the same time! I've learned a lot about the process over the years, so I thought I'd share with you a few helpful tips. 

1 - Find a Store

Consignment is catching on (hello, Mackelmore even wrote a song about it) - so you have options. Get online & check out what stores are in your area. In Rochester, we have quite a few locally owned places, as well as franchise options like Once Upon a Child, Clothes Mentor, and Plato's Closet. I typically frequent the three I just mentioned, as they have a quick turn around time for sorting your items. They're pretty strict with their policies, but you learn what to expect. When I first started selling though, I went to a locally owned store in Eric's hometown. She was more lenient with her buys & you could usually talk her into taking a few more things that she'd originally planned. 

There are also a ton of online options to choose from now. My favorites include Tradesy, Poshmark, & Mercari. The nice thing about online consignment is that you can set your own prices. The bad part - shipping. So while I love these sites, I've also gotten away from them when I have larger hauls to part with. My BFF Jackquelyn is the exact opposite though & totally prefers these sites over hauling bags to the store. So it's definitely personal preference! 

2 - Know the Policies 

Like I just said, most store have strict policies. These policies dictate what they will and will not take. For instance, many store limit the brands that they accept. Many also limit what types of items they will accept. Some of it is common sense - no one wants your dirty underwear. Others might surprise you, especially if you think you're going to fetch top dollar for a Coach purse - many stores won't accept designer items because of authenticity issues. I recommend visiting the store's website ahead of time & familiarizing yourself with their policies, that way you don't waste your time lugging items back and forth to the store. 

If the store has a brand policy, stick to it. I know that Clothes Mentor will accept Ann Taylor, but Plato's Closet won't. It all has to do with the clientele that the store caters to. Plato's Closet is for teens/young adults. Clothes Mentor is for grown women with professional jobs. Don't take your mini skirts to Clothes Mentor and don't take your pinstripe slacks to Plato's Closet. If you stick to the stores brand policy, you'll save yourself time & rejection. When I sorted this week, I made two piles and categorized my clothes according to where they best fit. I have to say, I was pretty successful too and only had a few items rejected. It may have taken a bit more time to drop off at two stores, but it made me a few extra bucks. 

When selling Ella & Olivia's clothes, I've found that brand is definitely important. Expensive boutique items might be appealing to you, but many stores will give you next to nothing - if they even take them in the first place. I totally suggest selling those online where you have an informed audience. In store, I've been most successful with GapKids, Gymboree, Janie & Jack, and Old Navy. 

3 - Quality Matters

Consignment is not the Salvo - they have high standards. Because of this, I recommend taking your time sorting your items. You want to check for stains, rips and pilling. The employees are thorough when they check the items, so don't think that you'll slip something by them. They always find something that I missed - and I am careful when I sort! 

4 - Accept That They Won't Take Everything 

Remember that you are getting rid of these items for a reason, so don't expect them to take everything that you're offering. I've never had a buy that didn't result in a trip to Salvo afterwards. The store knows what they can sell and will stick to their guns. Don't get offended, just be happy that you made some extra cash with items that you would've otherwise sent to Goodwill. I've seen some people get really angry with the workers and try to argue the worth of every single piece that was rejected - don't waste your time (or the people waiting behind you's time) - it won't work. 

5 - Do It Once a Season

Once you become familiar with consignment, it's worth going once a season. Not only does it help you clean out your closet, you'll also get the most for your money this way. The less outdated an item is, the more you get for it. If you're selling your children's clothing, I recommend going after every size is outgrown. 

6 - Don't Sell Everyting

Yes, cash is awesome. However, remember that some items will remain in style for years to come. Be sure to evaluate if you're really done with something, or if you're just itching for cash to buy something new. I can speak from experience that you might regret a thing or two if you act too hastily. 

When selling kid's clothing, make sure you won't need it again. I'm holding off on most of Ella's clothes because I know that Livy will be able to wear them in a couple years. I try to only sell things that she never wore or were impractical for her lifestyle. You get a lot of extra stuff at baby showers & as gifts. If it doesn't fit your style the first time around, it probably won't the second time either. Those are the things that I have gotten rid of. Now that Livy is outgrowing things, and I'm sure we aren't having any more kids, I let my sister go through the bags & take what she wants for Madigan, then try to sell everything else. Same goes for toys! 
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