Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites for Memorial Day

Yay for Friday! Yay for the start of summer! Yay for a long weekend! 

In case you didn't notice, I'm just a little enthusiastic today... Ella spent the night at her Grammy Nancy's last night so I got ready in complete peace & quiet. Then, I came to work to find out that my "work husband" got engaged to the sweetest girl ever! I'm so excited for him!! 

Since Ella is already in our hometown for the weekend, Eric & I are going to go out to dinner tonight & to run some baby errands by ourselves. We're both in full-on nesting mode right now & are trying to get some things checked off our list without a toddler in tow. 

Tomorrow morning, I plan to get up & get my cardio in. Then, we'll pack & head off to celebrate Memorial Day weekend in our hometown with our families! Since I love Memorial Day & all things patriotic, I thought I'd share my favorites for the holiday! 

I'm in charge of dessert for our BBQ at Eric's dad's tomorrow night. I wanted to make something festive and somewhat healthy. I've made this for the 4th of July before & it was a huge hit, so I plan to whip it up again. I love all the fruit for the kiddos & angel food cake just screams summer desserts to me! 

I'm not in charge of bringing anything to my mom's BBQ, but if I was, this would be it! I absolutely love how festive this taco salad is! I know it'd be a huge hit with my side! 

I just love this festive little romper for Miss Ella from Gap! I think it will look adorable with her white slides! 

My favorite store, J.Crew Factory, is having 50% off this weekend! Here are a few of my favorite festive pieces... 

I also think this blue maxi dress would be a great outfit choice! I tried it on in the store & it's so super soft. I held out on it because I wasn't sure what size to buy, but I'm holding out hope that it'll still be available once Olivia arrives! 

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bumpdate: 31 Weeks

size of the baby: a pineapple 

total weight gain: 20.5 lbs. 

gender: Baby Girl - Miss Olivia Rose 

movement: still lots of movement, mostly in the evenings, but occasionally while I'm at my desk working or driving throughout the day

missing: all of my festive, patriotic clothing! Eric & I normally go all out for Memorial Day & the Fourth, but none of my normal clothes fit. My plan B overcompensate with patriotic recipes instead. 

craving: Sweets. I'm doing my best to eat them in moderation, but I'm real close to buying a can of frosting & eating it with a spoon. 

exercise: I'm slowing down just a little bit this week. I managed to log 34 miles, but on Monday, I just had to sit & put my feet up. It was 85 & humid, so I didn't want to push it too hard. On other days though, I've been feeling great & looking forward to my nightly walks. So, I'll just keep taking it day by day. 

symptoms: Olivia is definitely pressing on my bladder & my lungs - at the same time. It makes going upstairs a chore, and unfortunately that's where our bathroom is at home. #catch22 

As I've mentioned earlier this week, Olivia has a closet! We hemmed & hawed over plans for weeks & finally decided to do an open shelf with a hanging rod. There simply just isn't enough space to build in a real closet. I really like how it turned out though & baby clothes are the cutest to look at! I'm currently searching for the perfect baskets to go on the shelf, where I plan to store extra sheets, blankets, wipes, diapers, etc. 

looking forward to: 
  • This is my last {planned} weekend away from home! We're hitting up all sides of the family for Memorial Day & I'm really excited to see everyone! 
  • Finishing up the school year. I still have 19 school days until final exams begin, but things are slowly getting checked off my to - do list!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

1 - What We're Eating This Week... 

We're grilling up everything in sight around here! On Sunday night we had BBQ porkchops, Monday it was hot dogs,  & Tuesday was grilled steak for Fajitas! We're all about the grill.  

2 - What I'm Reminiscing About... 

On Sunday morning, I took Ella out to run errands & have lunch while daddy was golfing. It got me reminiscing about the past two summers where it's been just the two of us... 

We've had so much fun together & it really started to hit me that a lot of our little day trips won't be possible this summer. I know we'll get into a new routine & before we know it we'll be a jolly little threesome, but it's definitely going to be an adjustment. 

3 - What I'm Loving... 

I'm kind of in love with Sun Bum sunscreen. I had been seeing it everywhere - including Madewell, which I thought was interesting - and decided to give it a try. It's more expensive than what I normally buy, but I decided that if I bought the actual lotion versus the spray, it'd even out in price. I swear, we can go through a bottle of spray on sunscreen in a day around here! You can get it at Target or Nordstrom or Madewell apparently, and it smells SO good! 

4 - What We've Been Up To...

As Ella would say... "just playing." Our daily routine is pretty engrained at this point - we go to school, I work all day while Ella is at Miss Jennie's, I pick her up right after work, she goes home to play in the yard while I do a little housework, Eric gets home & we make dinner, we all take a walk, then finish the day off with baths & TV time before bed. Of course there are a bunch of little things thrown in there that make each day special & unique, but for the most part, we're "just playing." 

5 - What I'm Dreading... 

I'm dreading all of the paperwork that goes along with the end of the school year. I'm busting my butt right now to finish creating finals & review packets, plus other fun stuff like evaluated goals for IEPs. I'm trying to be as proactive about it all as possible, but clearly I'm procrastinating as I'm sitting here typing this blog post instead of working on the final exam. #oops 

6 - What I'm Working On...

My major project right now is Olivia's nursery! We're still making slow progress, but it's all starting to come together. We just added a "closet" to her room & I got to hang up all of her baby clothes. That also mean I could finally wash & put away all of Ella's hand-me-downs... which could really go into the what I'm reminiscing section too because it made me an absolute puddle of emotions seeing how tiny she used to be! 

7 - What I'm Excited About... 

Two things: 24 school days until summer vacation & 58 days until my due date! 

8 - What I'm Watching... 

I watch Dancing With the Stars pretty religiously & am so sad another season is over. My mom & I are huge Derek Hough fans, so we were really disappointed to see him & Natsia go home last week, but I still loved every minute of the finale! 

9 - What I'm Listening To...

I've been listening to Zac Brown Radio on iTunes lately - I just love the laid back vibe of the station. I'm a country girl at heart... 

10 - What I'm Wearing... 

At work, I'm wearing dresses. 

At home, I'm wearing jean shorts & my favorite loose tees. 

OK, that's a lie, at home I'm wearing yoga pants. 

11 - What I'm Doing This Weekend... 

Since it's Memorial Day Weekend, we'll be traveling for the last time before my due date. Ella is leaving on Thursday night to go spend some time with Eric's mom, and the rest of us (including Charlie) will leave on Saturday morning. We're hitting up all 3 sides of the family & it's going to be a busy weekend, but it's the sort of busy that involves lots of food & playing with babies, so I'll be a happy girl! 

12 - What I'm Looking Forward to in the Next Month...



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