Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday & Pinspired...

We've got a lot going on for a Wednesday around here... not only am I going to share some of my favorite looks from the week, I'm also recreating a look from my fashion guru, Shaeffer, for her Pinspired link-up today! 

I saw this shirt on Shaeffer's blog a few weeks ago & instantly became obsessed. I had to have it. 

But it was $68 plus shipping - and Anthro shipping ain't cheap. So, I refrained. But I still thought of it... still lusted for it. Then, in a stroke of fate from the gods, Anthro Day arrived! I felt better getting 15% off & free shipping - so I took the plunge. OMG - the shirt is ah-mazing! In her post, Shaeffer talks about why Anthro is worth the extra cost & she totally hits the nail on the head - it's all about the details. There's sequins, prints, a pop of fun in the back... and the material is to die for. I may live in this shirt. And without Shaeffer, I never would have found this gem. Which is why I love her & if you aren't following her, you should be. 
top - Anthropologie // jeans - J.Crew // necklace - Nordstrom
sandals - Gap // watch - Coach

In other outfit news... I wore this outfit on Thursday of last week & loved it! Black, white, and green - always works. Also, I just realized this is the first time I'm actually carrying my Michael Kors Jet Set tote on the blog... how is that possible? I'm obsessed with this bag. It's big enough to fit all of my teacher/coaching/mom stuff in it & still looks super polished when I'm carrying it. My exact bag isn't available anymore, but the style itself is a classic & I'm loving this one too. 

bag - Michael Kors // flats - Kohl's // tank - LOFT // skinnies - Gap

And on Wednesday of last week, I broke out one of my summer sundresses, but repurposed it with a cardigan & a belt. That's what I love about fall... so many of my summer pieces still work, but with just a bit of layering, they feel fresh again. 
dress - LOFT // watch - Coach // wedges - TOMS // cardigan - J.Crew

On Sunday, I rocked my Bills tee & Lulu running skirt... comfy & cute. That's my life mission. Again, I can't find this exact shirt online, but it's from the little boys section (I'm wearing an XL) and I love it. It's so soft, perfect for lounging around. 
skirt - Lululemon // shirt - Old Navy

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Any Given Sunday...

Sundays are by far my favorite day of the week. I rarely have anything scheduled for my Sundays, and even if I do, it's usually pretty low key. Sundays are my day to spend with Ella, relax, be a wife, clean up the house a bit, maybe even do some cooking. This Sunday, was a near perfect Sunday...

6:30 - Ella wakes us up. She comes in & climbs up into our bed. (We have drawers underneath our bed, so she treats it like a climbing wall and scales it daily.) We snuggle, then she starts demanding breakfast. Eric sweetly agrees to take her downstairs & let me snooze a bit longer. #browniepoints 

7:15 - I get up & head down to join the rest of my crew. We have bacon in the fridge, left over from our burgers the night before. I immediately bake that in the over (baking bacon has changed our lives) & start to scramble a bunch of eggs. Eric has already fed Ella, but she decides to share my breakfast too. #sharingiscaring 

8:00 - Ella & I head out for a walk. It's absolutely gorgeous & we decide to take the path that runs along the zoo border instead of our normal route. I was hoping to just see some squirrels & leaves - but we ended up seeing elephants! 

They were out for their morning exercise too. Ella was so excited! The trainers were super nice & let us walk along with them (on our side of the fence of course) - they also let us know when they do it daily so that we can come visit again! 

9:00 - We stopped to let my best friend's dogs out. Ella had to give Riley a treat. 

9:15 - We get home & change outfits to go grocery shopping. I probably should have showered at this point, but I didn't. We head to Wegmans & pick up all of our supplies for homemade chicken soup. 

10:00 - We finish up at Wegmans & make a quick stop at Dunkin' on the way home. 

10:30 - I'm in the kitchen making soup! Ella is playing in the yard with her daddy. 

11:15 - We all sit down & eat lunch together. Our big meal is usually lunch on Sundays, so soup & garlic bread it is. Ella told me my soup was "MMMM, Yummy." So I must've done alright. Eric didn't complain, so that's a good sign too. 

12:00 - We head outside to do some more running around before nap time. Ella played some soccer & we did some chalking. I'm really going to be sad when we can't pop out into the backyard all the time this winter.

12:45 - Nap time for Miss Ella. Football time for Mommy & Daddy. 

1:00 - Go Bills! 

1:30 - The Bills aren't doing so well, so I chat with my sister on the phone as she's driving back from my parent's house in Saratoga. We go over a bunch of wedding/shower/bachelorette details... which results in a to-do list for me. 

2:00 - Time to work on said t0-do list... which is a ton of fun. I'm completely in charge of my sister's shower & cannot wait for it! I've started getting RSVP's & I have all of the decorations ordered! Time to think finishing touches now... 

3:30 - Miss Ella wakes up & she's hungry. Snack time. 

4:00 - We FaceTime with my parents & she's a total ham as always. Mom & I go over more wedding/shower details. Thus, resulting in more items on my to-do list. We also go over logistics for the upcoming weekends, since they'll be coming into town to help out for competition season. 

5:00 - We decide to have chicken nuggets for dinner & I continue on with my mission to finish laundry and picking up... both of which are never ending tasks. 

6:30 - Bath time for Miss Ella, followed by PJs & some stories. She doesn't actually go to bed until about 8, but she takes awhile to wind down. 

8:00 - Ella is up in bed & I prep for the week in the kitchen. Breakfasts, lunches, & snacks are packed while I jam to some Justin in the kitchen. 

9:00 - In bed, reading... 

9:45 - I'm passed out. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just Add Leopard...

I was having a neutral moment yesterday morning. I couldn't wrap my mind around matching prints or colors, so I stuck to neutrals. And yes - leopard is a neutral. 

Like I said last week, I am obsessed with my leopard flats. I've been wearing them a lot, mainly with jeans & black pants - but I plan to branch out with some color soon! I've also been wearing my leopard "Raine" inspired necklace non-stop. It goes with absolutely everything & just adds that extra oomph to even the most basic outfits. Like this one... 

pants - Gap Factory // blouse - LOFT // glasses - Ray Ban
flats - Steve Madden // necklace - Purple Peridot

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